Women, Organized and Resourceful, Together Helping Youth

The selection of the W.O.R.T.H.Y projects is based on how the greatest number of children can be affected in a manner that has lasting impact on their physical, mental and emotional growth.

Through the W.O.R.T.H.Y Project, WSL has been instrumental in providing playground equipment at Washington and Horace Mann Schools as well as replacing equipment at other grade schools. These playgrounds serve as additional parks for the families in those neighborhoods. W.O.R.T.H.Y projects have also included providing “clickers” to the grade schools that allow each child to get immediate feedback and assistance from the teacher thereby enhancing the learning process.

2023 W.O.R.T.H.Y. Recipients:

Heber Hunt Elementary Interactive Playground

The Sedalia WSL donating $6700 to Heber Hunt Elementary

The Sedalia Women’s Service League recently donated $6,700 to Heber Hunt Elementary’s Interactive Playground. Funds were raised from previous Cupid’s Balls.

Smith-Cotton High School Washer & Dryer

Sedalia WSL donating a washer and dryer to Smith-Cotton High School

Sedalia Women’s Service League members Ashley Raetz, Carol McMillin and Kristy Lorenz donate a washer and dryer set to Kendra Barton (right), Assistant Principal at Smith-Cotton high school.

2022 W.O.R.T.H.Y. Recipients:

WSL CASA bags donation

The Sedalia Women’s Service League (SWSL) recently gathered and filled purses and shower caddies with personal care items for CASA. Accepting the items is Bridgett Peek (left), Housing and Donation Coordinator for CASA and SWSL Member Betty Albrecht. Throughout the year the 24 members of the SWSL will be supporting our community with donations and acts of kindness. Funds were raised from previous Cupid’s Balls.

WSL Whoopie Pie donations

Sedalia Women’s Service League members Chele Trammell (left) and Betty Albrecht (right), present 850 whoopies pies for the staff and faculty of Sacred Heart School as well as the Sedalia 200 School District and bus barn in appreciation for their dedication to the students. Wade Norton (center) Principal, Smith-Cotton High School.

2020 W.O.R.T.H.Y Recipients:

In December, the Women’s Service League partnered with Subway and donated 100 box lunches to the frontline staff at Bothwell Regional Health Center. Shown in the pictures are Susan Mergen representing the Women’s Service League and Lauren Thiel-Payne, representing Bothwell Regional Health Center Foundation.

2018 W.O.R.T.H.Y Recipients:

REFUEL Summer Food Program

Refuel Program

Women’s Service League donated $2,000 to the Refuel Summer Food Program that provides children with meals during the summer lunch hour. The REFUEL group was gifted with a small school bus to provide a place for the children to eat and WSL was able to provide the funds to outfit the interior of the bus so that it fit the needs of the staff and children. These meals are free to all children who come to the feeding sites and ensures that any child who shows up will be given a balanced meal.

Therapy Dog Program for Sedalia 200

Therapy Dog Program
From left to right: WSL Member Betty Albrecht, Sedalia School District Counselor Virginia Sparks & Raydar, Brenna Harding & Gus, Amanda Jackson & Vince, WSL members Carol McMillan, Julie Childers and Janet Vincent.

Women’s Service League donated $4,000 to the Sedalia 200 Therapy Dog program that benefits all of our school children during times of need. Each building has one therapy dog and one handler to interact with children who are under stress. On a daily basis, the dogs provide a calming influence for children who are suffering from feelings of depression, isolation and anxiety. Our autistic children and those with special needs or learning difficulties are often more able to learn and function with the calming presence of one of these dogs. Children are better able to master their own behaviors when they see the dogs follow directions and calmly go about their duties. The Therapy Dog Program allows children who are often uncomfortable with people interactions to form deep bonds with their canine friends

2017 W.O.R.T.H.Y recipients:

Whittier High School

The Women’s Service League donated $5,500 to Whittier High School to help completely revamp and dedicate a space for a library. The funds will be used for book shelves, books, magazines, e-readers, seating and artwork for the area. This donation was made with funds raised from the 2017 Cupid’s Ball, a Women’s Service League fundraiser.

2017 Worthy Presentation
WSL members presenting a check to Melissa Magana, Bi-Lingual School-Home Liaison with Whittier High School

2016 W.O.R.T.H.Y recipients:

Pettis County Early Childhood Cooperative.

The Women’s Service League donated $6,951.55 to the Pettis County Early Childhood Cooperative for the purchase of a zip line, crash pit and other motor skill equipment. The equipment is used to help strengthen muscles, increase coordination and influence fine motor skills. This donation was made with funds raised from the 2016 Cupid’s Ball, a Women’s Service League fundraiser.

Left Arm Hang: Christopher Morales-Comfort, Middle Arm Hang: Devin Horn, Right Arm Hang: Cassidy Pottorff and Foam Crash Pit: Elizabeth Brigham

2014 W.O.R.T.H.Y recipients:

Green Ridge School Pavilion

The Women’s Service League (WSL) presented a $2,000 check to the Green Ridge Recreation Organization (GRRO) to help support the building of a new pavilion. The pavilion is in Memory of Dale E. Brown, father of GRRO board member Bobby Brown, whose family has been active in the Green Ridge community. The donation from WSL was used in conjunction with Memorial Funds contributed on Mr. Browns behalf to pay for the construction. All of the young ladies pictured not only played ball for Green Ridge this past year, but have also attended Cupid’s Ball, WSL’s primary fundraiser.

Green Ridge Recreation Organization

Horace Mann Elementary Reading Loft

Womens’ Service League (WSL) members pose with Horace Mann Principal Todd Fraley and kindergarten friends. The WSL donated $1500 towards the completion of the library loft. The funds were raised at the 2014 Cupid’s Ball.
From left to right: Charlyn Callis, Lori Swearingen, Betty Albrecht, Todd Fraley, Carol McMillin, Susan Mergen, Jenn Simon, and Julie Childers.

Horace Mann

Sacred Heart School Computer Upgrade

Women’s Service League Members presented a check for $1500 to Sacred Heart School Principal Dr. Gary Manning and school grant writer Nicole Hume. The funds were raised at the 2014 Cupid’s Ball. The school used funds for the computer lab.
Front row: Sacred Heart students Colin Brace, Laura Wadley, Chance Spangler, Garret Strange, Chase Lyles and Christopher Mergen.
Back row, from left to right: Lori Swearingen, Jenn Simon, Carol McMillin, Charlyn Callis, Dr. Gary Manning, Nicole Hume, Betty Albrecht and Susan Mergen.

Sacred Heart